Friday News

China Stainless Steel Output to Grow 8% in 2015. 
The production of stainless in china is predicted to experience around 8% growth based on low profits and the reliance on cheap nickel prices.

Nickel Prices to rise in 2015 ($17,500-$18,000 per tonne)

3d Printing company anounces printable stainless steel 
Protoflux just announced a filament that allows 3D printers to print items in stainless. This will help creatives in home-printing items that are magnetic and resilient to corrosion.

Indian companies ask for governmental help to protect against cheap chinese imports 
Among its request are the lowering of customs duty on raw materials and increasing the import duty on finished flat products


My first post

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my blog.
In the next few months im hoping to supply you with a wide range of facts, figures and other interesting things about whats happening in the stainless steel world. This is my planning for the coming month:
Day 0: Upload version 1 of a list of stainless steel distributors
Day 7: Create an infographic about the history of inox
Day 14: Go indepth in a few popular grades and explain what they are used for
Day 21: Show all the diffrent names of stainless around the world

I aim to make this fun and informative, so there will not just be straight data. But also interesting diagrams that are shareable with non technical people.