The daily mail just posted a beautiful christmas tree made from stainless steel. It’s a really great way to get in the holiday spirits.

Its made from It is made out of 300 stainless steel half-barrels with over 600 feed of green led lighting. Check it out here


The different types of stainless fittings.

There are a variety of stainless steel fittings available to join pipes and tubes. What follows is a short description of the major fittings available on the market today.

Butt Weld Fittings

Butt weld fittings are designed to be welded to stainless steel pipes on location. They create the possibility for reducing the size or diameter of the pipe, changing the direction, splitting the pipe or ending it. Butt weld fittings have a great advantage over flanges because they require significantly fewer materials. In general the welded fittings save space and are more flexible in use.

The butt welding join can be made by heating up the two ends that need to be welded and then joining them using pressure. The weld is then ground down to a smooth finish and ready for sale.

BSP Threaded fittings

This type of fitting is made using the British standard pipe screw thread. This standard has been used internationally for connecting and sealing pipes. This works by combining external and internal threads. It is used worldwide in the plumbing industry with the exception of the United states where NPT is the standard. In the BSP standard there are two different types of threading; Parallel and taper threads. Parallel threads have a constant diameter and are classified using the G. Taper threads can decrease or increase in diameter and are described using the letter R

NPT Threaded Fittings

The U.S. equivalent for the BSP standard is the NPT, or National pipe thread taper. It is the standard for tapered threads for use on pipes and fittings. The standard was created in 1864 to increase efficiency and stop mismatched pipes by William Sellers.

SW Fittings

A socket weld fitting is to join pipes and fittings together where the diameters are not the same. In a socket weld a smaller diameter pipe is fitted into the larger one. Check out a wide range of available fittings here